Water Purification Proccess

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Step One - An Activated Charcoal Filter

This filter removes bad tastes and odours, some microbacteria, chlorine and some inorganic contaminants.

Step Two - An Ion Exchange Water Softener

This step removes minerals like calcium and magnesium which are the cause of hard water and conditions the water for step 4.

Step Three - A One Micron Fiber Filter

This filter removes all suspended particles that are larger than 1 micron from the water prior to its entering the Reverse Osmosis System.


Step Four - The Reverse Osmosis System

This Reverse Osmosis System removes 99.3% of all remaining impurities from the 6 contaminant categories.

Step Five - An Ultraviolet Light

The U.V. Light is used to keep the purified water at a "zero" bacterial level while in storage waiting to be bottled.

Step Six - Ozonation

The Ozonation maintains the integrity of our water & insures against bacterial contaminants entering the water during the bottling stage. Hours after bottling the ozone simply breaks down into oxygen.


Once purified, the chemical analysis of the water is as follows:

PH 7.0
Total Dissolved Solids 6 ppm
Fluoride <0.05 ppm
Sodium 1.4 ppm
Calcium <0.2 ppm
Magnesium <0.2 ppm
Potassium <0.4 ppm
Iron <0.01 ppm
Manganese <0.005 ppm
Chloride 0.4 ppm
Nitrate and Nitrite 0.02 ppm
Sulfate <0.9 ppm
Hardness <1 ppm